Our Underwear collection is made by highest quality material made in Italy and we design and make it with perfect look in our manufacture in ST Petersburg, Russia.

We are sure you will enjoy it.

Because we have bellow specifications :

Premium - invisible under the clothes and absolutely inconspicuous on the body,
This thinnest breathable elastic fabric is simply ideal for creating
seamless underwear and clothing for fitness. Fabric has
antibacterial properties, providing the owner with a feeling
freshness on the body, it perfectly tolerates washing, wear-resistant and
quickly dries, does not need ironing.
Hariel - belongs to a new generation of biotextile fabrics, good. passing air. Thin, having a light aesthetic brilliance.
Due to its properties, products from this fabric are provided with nothing
not comparable comfort. It is ideal for exquisite bottoms
Cotton - a material from natural fibers, which is comfortable to wear,
quickly absorbs and removes moisture from the body, well passes air and does not
irritates the skin. Cotton is hygienic, resistant to abrasion
and rupture, helps to balance the temperature to avoid overheating.
Composition: 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane.


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